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    IVAO Maldives ASG - Island Hopping Event


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    IVAO Maldives ASG - Island Hopping Event

    Post  ghjghjk on Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:01 am


    Fly from VRMM (Male' Intl.) on Wednesday 17th June, and discover what aviation in The Maldives is all about.

    Any aircraft welcome - seaplanes are best!

    ATC wanted! Please apply on the events forum, or IVAO forum.

    Click here for a route map of the Maldives resort islands.

    Routing will be as follows:

    VRMM (Male') Tarmac or seaplane base

    Meeru Island Resort

    Helengeli Island Resort

    Reethi Rah

    Back to Male'

    Put the name of the island you want to fly to in the 'notes' section of your flightplan - ATC will comply.

    Thanks - enjoy yourself, and spread the word!

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