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    Staff Introduction and Introducing!


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    Staff Introduction and Introducing!

    Post  Locarno1 on Fri May 29, 2009 3:00 pm


    My name is Tristan Marchent and im 16 years old living in the UK in the southwest. I am an Admin at IVAO Maldives and im really enjoying this division. As you have probably guessed, i love planes! I want to be a commercial airline pilot when im older and travel round the world. I am currently training for my Private Pilots licence in Gloucestershire Airport near Cheltenham which is an hours drive up the motorway. The flying club is great up their and we do regular flyouts every two months or so. Im training on the PA28-161 at Aeros flying club.

    I have been into planes for just over 7 years now and i have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. I love this sim because it is good on performance and graphics are good. I am a member of IVAO and Vatsim. Firstly started off with Vatsim then i am now members of both. I really like IVAO Because of its members and staff on hand. I also like the events it holds. Im a member of Skylines Virtual which is based in Liverpool airport. This is a great VA and we currently operate about 20 Boeing 737-700's. Events range from Champions League charter flights to xmas flights to lapland and beyond!

    In my spare time i like to Play drums and piano, listen to music, go-karting with my kart, photography (aviation mainly), and flying. I race Junior Rotax as part of my karting hobby down at Clay Pigeon Kart Club which is 40 minutes away from me. This is a great circuit and is used for big events such as Super One championships and Rotax 'O' Plate championships. Im currently racing at normal club level.

    The closest airports to me are Bristol (EGGD), Exeter (EGTE), Dunkeswell (EGTU) and Gloucestershire (EGBJ). The main airports are Bristol and Exeter and many airlines fly from these including, Easyjet, Flybe, Air Southwest, Thomson, KLM and many more. Dunkeswell and Gloucestershire are general aviation airfields.

    I also have add-ons which i have added to my flight simulator. Some of these include the infamous PMDG 747-400. This is a great aircraft and i fly it atleast once a week on long/medium haul flights. I love flying this classic plane. It is a great rendition of the plane and is very accurate. I think it is about 90% accurate to the real 747-400 operating with airlines today. Angle of Attack flight simulator training DVD's have helped me to fly this beautiful plane and i definately recommend this aircraft and DVD's. I also have the Embraer Legacy 600 for VIP Flights around europe and the UK on flight sim. Airsimmer is a design group who are currently designing an extremely detailed Airbus A320 family for FS9. This aircraft is outstanding and i cannot wait to purchase this product when it is released.

    Well i think i have told you everything about me. Firstly i'd like to thank George Kristiansen for creating this wonderful division and also for giving me this oppurtunity to work alongside him in this division. Secondly, i would like to thank every single IVAO member for welcoming to this wonderful unique community and for providing me with any help i have asked for. I look forward to meeting all current and future IVAO Maldive division members.

    Thanks for reading,

    Tristan Marchent
    IVAO Maldives Admin

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    Re: Staff Introduction and Introducing!

    Post  ghjghjk on Sat May 30, 2009 4:38 am

    I am also training for my PPL at Gamston (EGNE) in the Cessna 152. I would also like to enter aviation professionally when I am older, and I would like to fly with Maldivian Air Taxi or Trans Maldivian.

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